Tuesday, May 17, 2011

1st Semester: Winnie the Pooh

For our Model Making I class, we were assigned to sculpt a Winnie the Pooh scene with at least two characters. Some of my classmates did really awesome ideas from the top of their heads, but I decided to do my project from one of my favorite scenes straight out of the Pooh movie.

One of the toy seniors (now graduated!) mentioned how cool it'd be for my sculpt to be chopped in half and used as book ends. DANG WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT LOL!!!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

1st Semester: The Zoom

For the fall semester in toy design, we were given a sewing machine and propelled into the world of plush pattern-making. In the final project, we were given the task to create a feature-plush, or a toy that had some kind of function to it rather than just sitting there and looking cute. I thought I'd put up some process pictures as well as the final outcome!

The process was a whole lot longer and more tedious than I had ever imagined. First I had to kit-bash another monkey plush I got from CVS pharmacy (as in I ripped and tore right into the poor thing to get its patterns), make my own adjustments, completely unsure of what the heck I was doing, and then create a prototype using white fabric. After making my first monkey, (which had a HUGE FANNY and a really skinny face), I made more adjustments and created my final model.

We were also asked to design friends for this guy, so I had a BLAST creating the Zoom Squad! Here are some slides from my final presentation/portfolio

For our final presentations, we presented in front of our peers, our teachers, our head of department, as well as someone from Mattel. I made a Zoom shirt and had a black cape on and everything. I had so much fun with this project and learned a whole lot more than I ever thought I would! It was through this project that I truly began to see my future as a toy designer :).

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Blog up and ready!

After an entire year studying Toy Design as a sophomore in Otis College of Art and Design, I feel the need to display my art and creations! I didn't feel comfortable putting up my toy designs in either DeviantArt or Tumblr, so any professional looking or finished pieces, as well as processes and sketches, that I've been working on will probably make it's way here onto my very own blog!